Music For Nurses – A Review

Music For Nurses, an EP released in the year 2004 could perhaps be the best exhibition of the heavier side of Oceansize ever. Music for Nurses is also considered as the masterpiece of the Manchester Band because of the excellent highlights of each of the band member’s skills throughout

Effloresce – The Beginning of Oceansize

Oceansize, after their signup with Beggar Banquet Records in the year 2000, released only one EP, Relapse, under the label, until the release of their first widely distributed and well recognized album Effloresce on September 23, 2003. Effloresce had some of the most famous singles of Oceansize such as the

Oceansize – The Discography

Oceansize, despite being together in the industry for about 12 years, have only 4 albums to their name and only a few singles and EPs apart from them. Here is the discography of the “Manchester Band” Oceansize, which spawns their career of over a decade together. Studio Albums · Effloresce –

Oceansize – Side Projects and Collaborations

In the ear 2007, Steve Hudson and Mark Heron took part in the debut album of Kong, Snake Magnet. Interestingly, the album was recorded in The Works Recording Studio situated at Bredbury, where Oceansize’s second album Everyone Into Position was recorded. Later in 2009, the same crew released Snake

Oceansize – The Split

Oceansize, after spending a couple of months on promotional tours for their final album Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up and after 12 years of music, announced their split on February 25, 2011 through their Twitter and Facebook pages. No official press releases or any explanations of any sort