music band logoConverted] is a tribute to Oceansize, one of the greatest rock bands ever, from a diehard fan of every one of their singles, albums and EPs they masterfully created in their twelve year existence. Oceansize may not be there anymore, but the music they left for the world to savour will stay forever and this is just a minute effort from one of their fans to relish the music and memories of that spectacular band. is everything Oceansize and will contain all the information you may need to know about the band as well as its members – Mike Vennart, Steve Durose, Mark Henron, Jon Ellis, Richard Ingram (The Gambler) and Steve Hudson. From this website, you can know everything which influenced a band of great artists to everything they left for us to be influenced. Read about their history, concerts, inspirations, singles, albums, EPs and tours, only on You can also track the upcoming singles, albums, EPs and tours by British Theatre, formed by Mike Vennard and Richard Ingram after the split of Oceansize.