Effloresce – The Beginning of Oceansize


Oceansize, after their signup with Beggar Banquet Records in the year 2000, released only one EP, Relapse, under the label, until the release of their first widely distributed and well recognized album Effloresce on September 23, 2003.

Effloresce had some of the most famous singles of Oceansize such as the “Catalyst”, “Remember Where You Are” and “One Day All Could be Yours”. The album was produced by Chris Sheldon and involved contribution from Adrian Newton, Louis Read, Jack Clark and Dario Dendi, who all worked as assistant engineers in the album. The famous cello, violin and viola duo Martin & Kimberley McCarrick were featured on the singles Massive Bereavement and Long Forgotten. Claire Lemmon was also involved as a backing vocalist in the singles Massive Bereavement and Saturday Morning Breakfast Show.

The tracks list (unordered) of Effloresce by Oceansize is as follows:
· Catalyst
· Amputee
· Long Forgotten
· I Am the Morning
· One Day All This Could Be Yours
· Massive Bereavement
· Saturday Morning Breakfast Show
· Rinsed
· You Wish
· Unravel
· Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
· Remember Where You Are

An interesting fact about the track titled “Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs” is that the inspiration for the song was from the bassist of Oceansize, Jon Ellis, and the idea came from a news article published in the Cosmopolitan Magazine, with the same title. Also, the track “Unravel” has an piano line excerpt from the famous track “Le Gibet” from Gaspard De La Nuit composed by Maurice Ravel.

This space and experimental rock album gained much praise and recognition among music critics like Ben Hogwood, who stated that “it’s difficult to give an alternative to Oceansize”.

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