Everyone Into Position – Breaking up with Jon Ellis and Beggar Banquet

Oceansize musical band

Everyone Into Positions was the second album of Oceansize and was released under the recording label Beggar Banquet Records on September 19th, 2005. This album was produced by Oceansize themselves along with Dan Austin. Jon Ellis, the bassist of Oceansize last appeared for Oceansize in this album and Mark Vennart announced his split from their band in the same year. This was also the last album for Oceansize under the Beggar Banquet Records label, before they signed up with a new lable, Superball Music.

The list of track in the album “Everyone Into Position” are as follows (unordered):
· The Charm Offensive
· A Homage to a Shame
· Meredith
· New Pin
· Heaven Alive
· Ornament/The Last Wrongs
· No Tomorrow
· Mine Host
· Music for a Nurse
· You Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down

The album involved Dan Austin, the co-producer of this album, as an engineer and Danton Supple & Rob Smith as mixers. Nick Webb worked on the masters of this album and the artwork was designed by a company named Seth Designs.

The single “Music for a Nurse” was featured in the famous advertisement campaign title “Fish”, created for Orange, a mobile services giant in the UK. It was also been used in the soundtrack of the movie Invisible in the year 2007, as well in a famous BBC Drama series named Waterloo Road. Another track “Meredith” was also used in Waterloo Road as well as in another famous episode of The OC.

With mixed reviews from music fans and critics all over, Oceansize ended their contract with Beggar Banquet Records and signed up with Superball Music, stating that they had “gone as far as they could” with Beggars Banquet.

Within two months after the release of Everyone Into Position, Oceanize announced that Jon Ellis was leaving the band, through a press release dated December 4th, 2005. Shortly after this press release, Mark Vennart announced that Steve Hudson, the drummer of Capulet and a part of Kong, one of Oceansize’s side projects, will replace Jon Ellis as the bassist of Oceansize.

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