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“Frames” was the third album of Oceansize and was released under Superball Music recordings on October 1, 2007. Steven Hudson, who replaced Jon Ellis in January 2006 made his first appearance as the bassist for Oceansize in this album. After six months of its first release, Oceansize re-released Frames on May 2008 accompanied by a Oceansize sticker and a DVD which contained documentary of the album’s making, some live tracks and a full performance of the album by Oceansize. Exactly after one year of its release, a trilogy of music events was conducted to celebrate a decade’s completion of Oceansize in the music industry and the band played the full album of Frames in Manchester on October 18th, 2008.

“Frames” has an interesting story behind the title, which was originally “The Frames” and later changed into Frames because of an incident, says Mike Vennart. Originally decided to title the album after one of its songs “The Frame”, one of Vennart’s friends mentioned the title wrongly as “Frames” and mentioned that he loved it. This, with the idea of naming their album in tune with the time, made them change the album name to “Frames”.

Another interesting thing about Frames is that the artwork was designed by Robin Finck, one of the only few artists who worked with two bands of VH1’s of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, Guns N’ Roses and Nine Inch Nails.

Here is the list of songs from Oceansize’s Frames:
· Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt
· Only Twin
· The Frame
· Savant
· Trail of Fire
· Unfamiliar
· Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions
· An Old Friend of the Christy’s
· Voorhees (B-Side)

Apart from the five men band, Frames got contribution from several artists, engineers and designers. Paula Simpson & Justin Lingard played the violin, while Semay Wu played cello for the tracks. The album had Chris Sheldon playing multiple roles of in production, engineering, recording and mixing.

Frames reserved a place in the Classic Rock’s 10 essential Progressive Rock albums of the decade and received many positive reviews from, MusicOMH and Scene Point Blank, etc.

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