Music For Nurses – A Review

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Music For Nurses, an EP released in the year 2004 could perhaps be the best exhibition of the heavier side of Oceansize ever. Music for Nurses is also considered as the masterpiece of the Manchester Band because of the excellent highlights of each of the band member’s skills throughout the album. There is everything a heavy metal music fan would expect from a band like Oceansize, ranging from mysterious ambience to raw hardcore, from  mild whispers to angry screams and from progressive rock to post metal.

Mike Vennart almost whispers in contrary to the heavy music and when the music hits its low notes, his voice turns into heavy screams, making it clear why he was the lead vocalist of Oceansize. He, along with Steve Durose plays the guitar as well, which is epic. Gambler, the third guitarist, as well a keyboard player, joins hands with Jon Ellis, the bassist to bring up the unique mixture of soft vocal, screams, clean guitars and high basses, all over the EP and gives the listener an all new experience of heavy metal.

Mark Heron was inarguably in his best with his drums and it could felt from the start to the end of Music for Nurses. There was not a place where he overplayed or underplayed his drums, making this EP he masterpiece of Mark Heron, apart from being a masterpiece of Oceansize as well.

The opening track of Music for Nurses, One Out of nOne, could be enough for anyone new o Oceansize to understand the uniqueness of the band’s music. The song is filled with breaks throughout from its start to the end and never once was the music out of place.

Music for Nurses, without any doubt, was the most complex creation of Oceansize ever and proves the band’s ability to create spectacular music when each and every one of them is focused. Music for Nurses must not be missed by any music lover, whether he is a fan of Oceansize or not.

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