Music to listen to before bed to improve your sleep

SleepSleep is important and there are many things you can do to help such as choosing a good mattress. Something less obvious is that research shows that listening to music before bed will not only result in better sleep quality, but also reduces stress and anxiety, which interferes with sleep, by relieving tension, nervousness and worrying, and lowering heart rates and respiratory rates.

No Lyrics

Listening to songs with lyrics can make you want to sing along, or the words can get stuck in your head – the opposite of easily going to sleep. Instead, opt for music with no lyrics or nondescript lyrics. 


Choose music that has a slow rhythm. Some research shows that listening to music made for meditation and massages before sleeping has a high correlation with restful sleep. Practicing breathing exercises, meditating or engaging in simple yoga asanas while listening to soft, soothing music also helps.

Classic Soothing Sounds

If listening to non-lyrical, slow, rhythmic music does not help you with improved sleep, try these classic sounds that help most people fall asleep:

  • Water sounds: crashing waves, bubbling brooks and fountains.
  • Nature sounds: crickets and birds.
  • Weather sounds: wind, rain and thunder.
  • Instruments: flute, sitar, tamboura and singing bowls.
  • Chanting: Gregorian and Tibetan.

Sample Songs

“Save Me and I Save You” by Martin Herzberg

“Intro” by The xx

“The Winner Is” by Devotchka

“Glosoli” by Sigur Ros

“Four Seasons” by Vivaldi

Chanting by The Gyuto Tibetan Monks

“Brother in Arms” by Gregorian

“Fandanguillo” by Julian Bream

“Weightless” by Marconi Union

“Hearthside Lullaby” by Nox Arcana

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