Oceansize – Side Projects and Collaborations

In the ear 2007, Steve Hudson and Mark Heron took part in the debut album of Kong, Snake Magnet. Interestingly, the album was recorded in The Works Recording Studio situated at Bredbury, where Oceansize’s second album Everyone Into Position was recorded. Later in 2009, the same crew released Snake Magnet again with an addition of two singles they made after the first release, this time under the lable of White Drugs, which is famous for releasing The Bronx.

Gambler released a solo album named Consolamentum in the year 2010, under his real name Richard A. Ingram, by joining hands with a Manchester based label named WhiteBox. He also released a few CDs which had his piano music and worked in several occasions with the post-punk band named PocketKnife. Gambler later joined Vennart to become a guitarist in Biffy Clyro and performed live in all their shows after 2012.

Mike Vennart, who became a second guitarist in Biffy Clyro long before the split up of Oceansize, continued performing in their live shows and tours. Vennart, along with Steve Durose also took part in the self-titled debut album of Amplifier, which the Oceansize referred to as their “brother-in-amps”, as backing vocals. Vennart also played guitar for Snoop Dogg, who he accidentally ran into and played some demos in The Works Recording Studio, while Oceansize were recording Everyone Into Position.

Steve Hudson was announced as a short term replacement for Kelson, the bassist of the famous Future of the Left band, in May 2010. Jon Ellis, after the split up, has been working with an underground Manchester band named “The Marivaux”, where he was taking care of recording and productions.

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