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Oceansize, despite being together in the industry for about 12 years, have only 4 albums to their name and only a few singles and EPs apart from them. Here is the discography of the “Manchester Band” Oceansize, which spawns their career of over a decade together.

Studio Albums
· Effloresce – Released on September 29, 2003 under the label of Beggars Banquet Records. It consisted of twelve tracks including Massive Bereavement, Catalyst, Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs and Amputee, etc. Chris Sheldon did the production and mixing, whereas Martin & Kimberley McCarrick played cello, violin and viola.
· Everyone Into Position: Released on 19 September, 2005, two years after their first album, under the same label, Beggars Banquet Records. Jon Ellis, the band’s bassist from its inception in the year 2005 made his final appearance for Oceansize in this album, before splitting up. The album contained 10 tracks and was produced by Oceansize themselves, along with Dan Austin
· Frames: After leaving Beggars Banquet Records and signing up with Superball Musci, Oceansize released Frames on October, 2007, two years after their second album. The album contained the well known song named Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt and had violin & cello plays from artists like Paula Simpson, Justin Lingard and Semay Wu. The label of Fames became famous for being designed by Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses fame Robin Finck. Steve Hudson made his first appearance with Oceansize in this album.
· Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up: The final and most acclaimed album of Oceansize, which was released in the year 2010 under the label Superball Music. The album consisted of 11 songs including the famous “Pine” and was rated highly by AnyDecentMusic and Rock Sound. The album also became one of ADM’s All Time Top 10.

Oceansize released a total of five EPs namely Amputee (1999), A Very Still Movement (2001), Relapse (2002), Music For Nurses (2004) and Home and Minor (2009). They also released a Box Set named Feed to Feed in the year 2009.

Oceansize released many singles throughout their career and here is the list of all of them:
· Saturday Morning Breakfast Show
· One Day All This Could Be Yours
· Catalyst
· Remember Where You Are
· Heaven Alive
· New Pin
· Walking In The Air
· SuperImposer

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