Oceansize – The Early Years and Their First EPs

Oceansize released their first EP in the year 1999 and titled it after one of its tracks Amputee. The New prog EP had four tracks in total, Amputee, Ebb, Heaven Alive and Saturday Morning Breakfast Show, among which Ebb was an eleven minute long track.

Amputee and Saturday Morning Breakfast Show became a part of their very first album Effloresce, whereas Heaven Alive was recorded again for their album Everyone Into Position. Ebb was also recorded again, but was renamed as Relapse before it was featured in another one of their EPs, Relapse.

Amputee EP attracted the interest of the famous record label Beggars Banquet Records and this led to the company signing up with Oceansize in 2000, within a year after the release of Amputee. Relapse EP was their first release after signing up with Beggars Banquet Records, with Tim Smith, the leader of Cardiacs as its producer. Relapse, the re-recorded version of Ebb from their Amputee EP has been re-recorded may times and thus had many versions of it, until its final version was featured in Relapse EP.

Relapse EP is the first widely distributed recording of Oceansize and this led them to quickly gain a fan for their aboriginal mix of Rock, New Prog, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Shoegazers and Avant-Garde. This EP had three tracks – Amputee, Relapse and You Wish. The band also had Elliot James and Sel Balamir (from Amplifier) as mixers working with them on Relapse EP, apart from their five member crew.

Shortly after the release of Relapse EP, Oceansize released A Very Still Movement EP in the year 2001 working with the record label Soviet Union. This EP had four singles Catalyst, A Very Still Movement, Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs and Sizeofanocean. This EP was produced by Sel Balamir, the lead singer & guitarist of Amplifier, who also worked as a mixture and the backing vocals for the single Sizeofanocean.

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