Oceansize – The Origins

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Oceansize was known among many as the Manchester Band, but none of the band members were actually from Manchester. Mike Vennart and Richard Gambler Ingram hail from Yorkshire, whereas Durose came from Birmingham. Mark Heron, the only drummer of Oceansize is a Scottish.

All five of them met in a music college at Salford between 1998 and 2000, when each of them was a part of a different grunge band. Mike Vennart used to write pop songs and their major concentration was on experimental music, when they first came together. But, after a short period of working together, they understood their interests and passions were different, but, when combined, could make some really good music. This is when they decided on combine each of their interest in different genres of music and bring up a new musical experience through their songs.

When they were looking for a name for their band, Jon Ellis, who was the former bass guitarist of the band suggested “Ocean Size”, a famous single from Jane’s album named Nothing’s Shocking. The band was subsequently named Oceansize, says Gambler Ingram, because of the influence and impact that they could make in the music industry with that famous name.

Thus, Oceansize was originally formed in the year 1998 with five members having Mike Vennart as the lead vocalist & guitarist, Richard Gambler Ingram as the keyboard artist & guitarist. Steve Durose was also a guitarist and backing vocalist and Jon Ellis was the bass guitarist back then. Mark Heron was the only drummer throughout the band’s career from 2000 – 2011.

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