Oceansize – The Split

Oceansize, after spending a couple of months on promotional tours for their final album Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up and after 12 years of music, announced their split on February 25, 2011 through their Twitter and Facebook pages. No official press releases or any explanations of any sort were given by the band or its members for the split up initially.

Vennart, on one of this his interviews in the year 2012 and on a post on Twitter in 2013, made it clear that the split up was due to some misunderstandings between one or more of Oceansize, which grew so big that “it couldn’t be ignored or tolerated anymore”. He also mentioned that the root of the split up decision was their poor performance on 23 October, 2010, when they were promoting their final album, Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up and a further relationship breakup experienced by Gambler due to a show in Poland.

Vennart, on a later date, declared that the reason behind the split up of Oceansize is Mark Heson, who messed up their performance in Poland by playing sloppily due to the reason that he was intoxicated with drugs. Gambler, who experienced a relationship breakup shortly after the show, announced his split-up with Oceansize to Vennart and this was also an influence for the band’s decision to split up. But, even after all these incidents, they finished their final show as one band in Prague, before announcing their official split up in Twitter and Facebook.

Shortly after the split up in February 2011, Vennart announced that he was working with Gambler and Durose for his solo album. Also, Gambler announced that there could be a possible reunion between him and Vennart in the future, which is “not anytime soon”. Gambler, who was already performing solos under his real name Richard Ingram while he was with Oceansize, continued that line after the split up, whereas Vennart and Steve Durose played guitars for other bands like Biffy Clyro and Amplifier.

Mark Heron joined Kong under a nick name “Krem” and Steve Hudson followed him as well, while continuing his solo named Mild Eyes parallel to his placement in Kong. Exactly a year after their split up, Vennart and Gambler released an EP under their newly formed band called British Theatre.

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