Oceansize – Who are they?

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Oceansize is an English rock bands formed in 1998 by five members – Mike Vennart, Richard “Gambler” Ingram, Mark Heron, Steve Durose and Jon Ellis. The band took in Steve Hudson in the year 2006 as a replacement for Jon Ellis.

Oceansize released only four albums in their twelve year old career – Effloresce (2003), Everyone Into Position (2005), Frames (2007) and Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up (2009). Their very first EPs are Amputee & A Very Still Movement, released by themselves before they signed up with Beggars Banquet Records in 2000. They have toured with bands like Muse and The Cooper Temple Clause, and have released a few singles like New Pin, Walking in the Air, One Day All This Could be Yours, etc.

Line up
Mark Vennart was the lead singer and guitarist and Steve Durose led backing vocals while being another guitarist. Richard “Gambler” Ingram was a guitar and keyboard player and Jon Ellis was playing bass and keyboards. Mark Heron was the only drums artist of Oceansize. In the 2006, Mark Vennart announced the split of Jon Ellis from the band and the addition of the replacement bass & keyboards player, Steve Hudson.

Oceansize has announced their official split in February 2011, after which Mike Vennart and Richard “Gambler” Ingram formed a band named “British Theatre”.

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