Some fans like Oceansize music to workout

workout-womanIt may not be expected but we’ve heard of a few Oceansize fans that listen to their music during their workouts. One fan named James especially likes to listen whilst using his high end rowing machine. The general consensus is the music is very motivational and helps push them further to let them get into top shape.

It’s no secret that most people like to listen to their favourite tunes whilst they exercise, studies have shown it can increase the intensity, so why not? From hardcore trance to hip hop and heavy metal, everybody has their own presences to get them pumped up for a run or hitting the gym.

Though it’s perhaps a little surprising to hear Oceansize being favoured, it’s not quite the standard workout tunes you would expect but if it works for you then what a fantastic combination. I couldn’t think of anything better and beneficial than getting fit whilst listening to the amazing music of Oceansize.

As for James, he prefers to use a rowing machine because he knows what a great workout they provide and it’s pretty easy to listen to music and row away to a rhythm. In fact most experts worth their salt would say a rowing machine is perhaps the most underrated machine in the gym. This is because it works the whole body at the same time whilst being flexible enough to suit many different intensities. It can either be adjusted or on some machines you just row harder for a better workout. This of course depends on the resistance type of the rower.

Next time we hit the gym, we will give it a try and see what the fuss is all about. We would love to hear from you guys. Let us know if you agree, and what are your favourite songs to workout to? Along with the style of workout you like. Just send us a message using the contact page here or drop a comment below.

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